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2010-04-15 20:03:13 by DaMiStudios

Well, waiting to get FLS9. trying to find ispiration. ectectectect.
even though probably noone is reading this, we just want to say: we are NOT just sitting around, we just need some software, ideas and more free time. as it stands right now, tests and life are getting in the way of NG type stuff a fair bit.

Ugh...all the weird stuff out there and losts of tests, homework and other stuff is starting to get in the way of making animations. We just don't seem to have to time to work on NG stuff...

And now onto other stuff:
We trying to find an audio mixer for a PC because we obiously can't run apple software on a PC.
Thinking about an upgrade to CS3 or CS4 in a few months.
Trying to start a great animation but having issues. WE is not giving up.


2010-03-13 22:16:00 by DaMiStudios

Trying to get blam or protect points is hard. Hard and rather depressning. Also, having more blams than protects is depressing.

Protects/saves? who cares.

new submision in the works

2010-03-07 20:13:39 by DaMiStudios

stay tuned for moar by us......
and NO, we are NOT removing our um, first 'submision'.

Go away, we're tired.

The first falsh we got to PASS judgement, didn't go as we had hoped.

If anything, it was a test of music and trying to make the buttons work.
Sorry if any of you got a headache from the colors but bad stuff happpens to great people.

screwwing with the forums

2010-02-16 22:50:03 by DaMiStudios

Well, ever had one of those days were ur all pissed and bored?
If so, you should try to make a random topic in the forums and wait for the fail to roll in.
MODs are useful still! YAY!

odd things

2010-02-10 22:39:28 by DaMiStudios

well, some of us fail to understand that an equation such as: X/0=Y
we SHOULD all understnad that that is impossable as if the equation was: 5/0=Z
then you would have to be able to go Z*0=5 which you cannot. If you go 0/0=0 it workds but.........

Now, how about an odd contradiction: The 3 PRIMARY colors we are tuaght are RED YELLOW and LBUE, however, our EYES have hte three primarys REG GREED and BLUE. So what set of colors is correct?
Think about it, and most of you will understand the answer.

Now, how about our concept of Weight? We think well, stand on a scale, see the numbers and we get out weight right? WRONG. We are TECHNICALY getting our mass with the clothes on. To get wieght we would have to issolate the human factor (body) and then meassure the weight for the gravity acting on the mass.

Anyone learnsomething useless here? No? Yes? Well either way, we're bored adn going to sleep.


2010-01-27 21:04:21 by DaMiStudios

Well, one of us bought it and it is TOTALY worth the 15 dollars!

first submition

2010-01-09 19:05:26 by DaMiStudios

not sure if this is a good event or a bad event. meh, we'll see later.

Technical issues

2010-01-07 22:32:04 by DaMiStudios

Due to the fact that a test flash we made was in CS4 and we only have a local MX/8 PRO on our local PC (CS4 is at school), we cannot submit our tester.

We are working to find a solution to the issue.

We may just make another tester.